Magic of a Smile:-))) [Part 2]

Boarding for my flight to Mumbai was announced and in a few minutes a long queue was there but I managed to enter a queue in between and it was all legitimate;-) No one stopped me from entering the queue in between. I boarded the flight and got my seat and put my luggage in the overhead compartment and kept my handbag below the seat. I just glanced here and there to see other passengers and to my surprise, a girl sitting just besides me was having a self help book written by one of the famous authors ‘Paulo Coelho’. I was smiling because I was also holding a self help book written by famous Indian actor ‘Anupam Kher’. I was really enjoying reading the book and all the wise stuff about life given in it and also because I had just bought some of my favorite books from Bengaluru airport which made my mood awesome. I settled on my seat happily and started reading the book. After some time, I closed the book and set aside as I thought of giving some rest to my eyes and mind. I put on my head phones and switched on my favourite songs from my cell. It was so beautiful feeling listening to the melodious songs. I just love them. As I the flight rose high in the air and I was sitting with closed eyes and relaxed mind listening to songs, suddenly I heard a loud voice from one of passenger guy sitting in the seat ahead of me. He was singing a song in English loudly. He was really enjoying the song, it felt from his voice modulation. I literally wanted to laugh with surprised happy feeling but didn’t because it might have understood wrong by other passengers and that guy. So I just smiled and continue to listen songs. But he was singing so loud that I can hear his voice more than my songs. After an hour and twenty minutes of journey, the crew announced landing preparation and after twenty minutes of announcement the flight landed on Mumbai Airport safely. It was 5:05 pm in the clock as per Indian Standard Time. All the passengers one by one got up from their seat to take their luggage and so I. We were standing waiting for passengers before us in queue to go out. I was standing near my seat with my handbag and laptop bag and in that time also I was hearing the loud voice of that guy because he was still singing. He got up from his seat and now I could see his face and know ‘Oh…He is the one..ok’… he was on the same side of seat where I was standing. I casually looked on the other side of the seats in the flight and saw the same guy there..I was like Awwww!!!!. I just looked again on my side and then on other side….Shit!!!! they were identical twins in the flight. One was sitting on my side with his father and his twin brother was sitting on the opposite side with his mother. I was so happy to see because I saw identical twins in person after around 6 years. It is so long time. I really enjoyed this.

I then stepped out of the flight and went to the conveyor belt to get my luggage. It took around 10 minutes to get my luggage and then I went to Domestic transfer section. At the entrance, a security person asked my for the ticket and I showed him. Before I pick up the ID proof from my bag, he asked me about that so I told me him ya I am showing, let me take it out of the bag. I searched my wallet as I always keep my ID proofs and debit/credit cards in that but I could not. I searched in my hand bag but there also could not find. I was quite nervous, I thought now that security person would not allow me to go. He saw me searching and then asked you have the ID proof na? I said yes, wait I am searching, it must be some where in the bag. So he said, its fine and you can go. You have the proof na, then go, no need to show. I thought, that’s so cool . Without wasting any time I moved it straight way to the boarding pass counter and to my joy there was no queue. I gave my ticket to the lady at the counter and then again the ID proof thought came to me and I started looking in my bag for the ID card. The lady gave me the boarding pass and did not ask for the ID proof, don’t know why? But I was happy. She informed my that my flight to home town was late by approx. 2.5 hours but I was cool and went for security check. In 15 minutes I finished my security check and it was around quarter left for six in the clock and my flight was delayed and planned to take off at around 10 pm. I had around 4 hours at airport. I went to passenger sitting area and saw that not a single space was left. All the seats were fully occupied. I was trying to find an empty sit and yes one I found exactly opposite where I was standing. I went to that seat but Oh! there was a hand bag on the seat, means it was occupied. I asked the lady sitting besides that chair if it is vacant. She took the bag and offered me the sit and told that one passenger would be coming but till that I can sit. I felt relaxed. I settled down and took out my cell phone to call home and talk to mom-dad that I reached Mumbai comfortably. There was no network available at airport on both of my phones but I did not get upset. After 5-10 minutes I again checked and saw 1 antenna on one of my phones. I rejoiced and called home, talked to mom dad. Then begin my reading and had some snacks which I had taken with me. After some time of reading, I just relaxed and closed my eyes and laid back on the seat. When I opened my eyes after few minutes I saw a couple and a kid in front of me at some distance. The guy was a Sardar ji [Sardar jis are North Indian guys with a particular turban on their head] I always admire Sardarji because of their dynamic energetic personality. As I saw Sardarji, I immediately recalled the Sardarji in military uniform. In military uniform, they look awesome, smarty;-) I just thought of that and smiled, and after few minutes what I saw opposite to me was again astonishing.

What happened next….I will share in my next post… till then keep reading, liking, smiling and laughing)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


2 thoughts on “Magic of a Smile:-))) [Part 2]

  1. Hi…. Gargi,

    Nice motivational quotes…

    My favorites from your list are :-

    “Some people will always throw stones in your path. It depends on you what you make with them, Wall or Bridge? Remember you are the architect of your life”

    “Don’t Lose hope. When the sun goes down, the stars come out’

    “All that we are, is the result of what we have thought” – Gautam Buddha

    “Life is a gift. Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment you are in” – Anonymous

    “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Life the life you have imagined. – Henry David Thoreau

    “Life is like a mirror, it will smile at you if you smile at it” – Anonymous

    “Determination is the wake-up call to the human will” – Anthony Robbins

    Rrreally… Appreciate your persistency in writing blogs and making it interesting to read….

    Moreover I like the way you keep readers curious to know what’s in your next blog by describing only half of the experience…. 😉 (Just like CID serials where they keep suspense till next episode )

    Pls post your next half experience from post MAGIC OF SMILE: PART II at “AAMCHI” MUMBAI airport after seeing SARDARJI’s….. 🙂 soon..

    You have developed knack of keeping readers guessing and engrossed in your BLOG…

    Keep it up dear….. 🙂



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