My Heartfelt Gratitude to my Readers:-)))

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my readers for giving their valuable time for reading my blog posts almost daily. I am really blessed to have such a wonderful readers and fellow-bloggers who appreciate my work and my efforts from bottom of their heart. I started this blog in the end of December 2014 with only one aim that is to spread joy in this world by sharing my joyful moments with the world. I did not have any idea what I will write when I start my blog and will people like the posts but there was only one signal my innerself gave me was “Do not waste time, start spreading joy, share your knowledge and amazing experiences with the world, let your life give happiness, good feeling and positivity in life of others”. I was listening my inner voice for past two years, visited wordpress many times but did not act as I was not sure about how & what I will write on my blog. But on 21st December 2014, while surfing internet, I don’t know how I logged on to and opened my blog without thinking about what & hows. It was a sudden act and it happened. It was my heart felt wish to start this blog. I even did not know what would be the title of my blog. This everything happened in just few minutes and my dream came true. I had mentioned about my blog to launch in my Dream Book but did not know that Universe would manifest it in such a beautiful way. My heartfelt gratitude to Universe for showering amazing love and blessings on me.

I feel really awesome knowing that people like to read my posts and I am sure they feel good from my blog post and their joy is my joy. If I am able to bring one smile on the face of my readers, I am blessed. It multiplies my joy and multiplies my enthusiasm for writing my next posts. I get more and more inspired with the love I get from my awesome readers to write about more such amazing experiences and stuff.

My last post “Magic of a Smile” was written half-way and in my next post I will complete it. Presently I am not able to post it due to my unexpected busy schedule. But I will complete the amazing journey in my next post which I will be posting within next few days. I am sure you all will eagerly wait for my journey from Mumbai to my home town:-))))

Taking your leave for now. Keep loving my posts…it really means a lot to me…I am inspired a lot. I have received an honour of very inspiring blooger award which I never ever imagined to receive so early but its god’s grace and love of friend bloggers and readers that I have received this honour. I am really very grateful to all of you and trust me write now tears are rolling down my eyes. Yes, let them roll down..I do not want to control them because my heart is immensely happy today:-)

Thank you so much everyone. Thanks a ton…:-))))


2 thoughts on “My Heartfelt Gratitude to my Readers:-)))

  1. Beautifully written gargi….:)))). Yes, your articles do inspire us to dream and be hopeful about what good things life has in store for us. It does make us happy. I am saying ‘us’ and not ‘me’ because I am sure many people agree with me..
    Keep inspiring…

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