Magic of a Smile:-)

After the stay of 5 nights and 6 days at one of the very good hotel at small town [city around 75 kms from Bengaluru, in southern India], completing my official tour, I was returning to my home city in another state [in western part of India]. It was 2nd January 2015, I was leaving town…I was at hotel and in quite a good mood and yes I was first time traveling alone for a long distance.

I am a devotee of Lord Krishna, while I was getting ready, I was in a good mood and just said with a big smile on my face “ DEEP FAITH, GRATITUDE & PATIENCE, LOVE LORD KRISHNA” and I felt so loved and happy. As I got ready, I went to reception for billing and check out. As per our company policy, laundry charges for less than 15 days tour are required to be paid by employees, so the room rent and complimentary breakfast and dinner bill was billed to company and I was supposed to pay my laundry bill, which I always do during my official tours because my tours are always for max. 7 days at one time. My laundry bill came to INR 404 for one time laundry. I had enough clothes, so I used laundry service only once. INR 404 is quite nominal, however interesting was what happened at reception. I gave INR 500 currency note to the girl at reception as I did not have change. I tried to search for change of INR 4 but could not find. Reception girl gave me INR 100 in change. I told her that I do not have change of INR 4, she said its absolutely fine mam I won’t take INR 4 from you. I was so glad and said thank you. Now you might be thinking that 5 start hotel and if they do not insist on giving change from customer then what a big deal, but this was a surprise for me because this happened for the first in my stay at that hotel till now. I had visited that town lot many times, but hotel would always take exact bill amount. My happiness was not about saving of INR 4, but it was her nice behavior for me. I checked out happily and started for Bengaluru airport in the hotel car, it was around 11 am.

When you travel anywhere in south India, you would notice that in cars and other transports, driver would put south Indian songs, it always happened with me when I visited south India. Some of the songs I enjoyed, however I always thought…”O please play atleast 1 hindi song” :-)) and I would put my head phones and enjoy my favorite songs from my cell phone.

That day I had decided not to listen songs from cell phone because I had to keep my cell charged full day and listening to songs would consume battery charge. So I decided I won’t listen songs from cell phone and I will listen to south Indian songs…but I really wanted to hear hindi movie songs. I was in car and just enjoying calm journey looking at city shops and local people…suddenly the driver started the tape recorder and guess what…he played hindi movie songs and that too all my favorite:-))) He did not know what I thought off… for the first time…driver put hindi songs…I was so happy and expressed my thanks to god:-)))

I reached Bengaluru airport at 1:00 pm. Though it was a working day, there was negligent traffic which was again an amazing thing. Bengaluru is one of big cities of India and with huge traffic on high ways and city but that day I did not face much traffic and reached airport in 1.5 hrs. I have always face long queue at the airport in check in counter and security check. But that day I went to check in counter for getting my boarding pass and what I saw, there was no queue, I was the 2nd one to get the boarding pass and the guy at the counter told me that I ahead of schedule and so boarding gate no. I will get later. I said Ok. I was early. I went upstairs for security check, to my surprise again there were no much people and I got my security check complete with 15 mins. It was 1:15 pm and my flight boarding time was 2:50 pm. I had ample time in between, I got a seat at airport and passenger waiting area and sat there for few minutes. I called home and informed mom dad of safe reaching at airport. As I had about 2 hours for boarding, I thought of visiting shops on airport. I visited two three shops selling show-piece items, a specialty of South India. The articles were very beautiful. Then I had short meal at one of eating joints at Airport. I was really enjoying the food [one of my favorite…Masala Idli and chutney]. At the restaurant, one of staff person gave me 2 tickets of lucky draw. There was some festival organized by the airport with various weekly prizes and one mega prize through lucky draw. I was so happy to receive the ticket, not one but two:-)  After having my short meal, I went to the display board where flight gates were displayed and looked at my flight no., to my happiness, the gate no. for my flight was just ahead of the place where I was standing. I went to the seats near the gate and relaxed for a while. There I filled up the lucky draw coupon that restaurant guy had given me and put that into the designated box some steps ahead of my seat. After I dropped the coupons in the box, while returning to my place, what I saw was Crossword shop:-)  I love books and I was really happy to see the shop. It was exactly opposite to my gate and seat. Without wasting any time, I entered the shop and starting checking out books first in self help section. As I was looking for any interesting book I could see, my eyes caught hold of a book “Gratitude Journal” by Rhonda Byrne and I was like “Aww!!!” I wanted that book when I saw it on the internet but did not buy and then forgot but law of attraction and the Universe did remember that and gave me the book. I picked up the book and along with that I also picked up other two self help books from other authors. I was tremendously excited and happy to have the books. Then I went to children’s section for some interesting book for my baby nephew. I saw a book for children titled ‘Bhagwat Gita’, it was amazing full of colorful pictures especially prepared for children. You would think what a girl, for baby also she is buying “Bhagwat Gita” but trust me it was amazing and I could not resist for picking up the book. Along with that I also bought other story books for my nephew. I was feeling so amazing buying these books. I spent almost half an hour in the book shop and went to a shop besides it and there also I did buy something for me that too in discount with some free stuff. I usually do not buy for me much as compared to my shopping for others. I like to give gifts, especially surprise gifts because the important part is to see the enormous happy expressions on the faces of the people when they receive surprise gifts. I like to give gifts, some times without any special reason.

By the time my shopping was over, the flight boarding was announced and I departed for my flight. After I reached Mumbai, again one by one favors from Universe continued. It was amazing. In my next post, I will share my journey from Mumbai to my home . Stay tuned.

Till then see ya:-)


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