Severe pain of cirvical spondilosys disappeared in just 15 mins without any medicine

Around 12 years back I was detected with Cirvical spondilosys. Doctor told me that this can be or cannot be cured. This might continue for life time. As informed by doctor this happens with most of the people who continuously work on PCs whole day without much relaxation. When this was detected I was a student and I used to work in my interns and study for long hours, so I thought I got the spondilosys that time. Those who has this problem can understand how severe the pain is. Since that time whenever pain would start, I would take pain killer tablet immediately becasue I just could not bear the severe pain and also till the pain gets cured I could not even sit. Medicine would take atleast an hour to cure the pain. I had to lie down and just wait for medicine to cure it. I would cry like any thing. This continued for almost 8 to 9 years. Mostly in winters.

In 2013, I came to know about power of thoughts and that shifting of focus from disease/pain can cure it without medicine becasue by shifting focus we stop giving energy to the pain and when the pain does not get energy, it disappears. In case there is emergency for saving life then it is always proper to seek medical assistance, however, where we can cure ourselves without medicine, it is always good becasue any how medicine do affect our body in some or the other way though we do not realize it much. God has made human beings in such a way that the cells and tissues in the body can heal themselves if properly instructed through positive thoughts.

Gradually over the years my frequency of pain reduced but the severety was quite same as it was earlier. One evening in 2013, severe pain started. I was in office but was avoiding medicine. The time I left office for home, I could bearly drive my vehicle. I did my best to shift my focus but could not. After I reached home, I was desparate to take medicine and cure the pain. It was after many months I had that pain and when I opened the medicine box, a thought came “why to take medicine? I can heal myself.” At that very moment I was not sure how I would heal the pain but I wanted to test my power. So I decided not to take medicine though the pain was severe and in past 11 to 12 years, I had never did this. I always take medicine. This was really a challenge for me and I thought if I believe that only medicine would cure me then it would be correct for me and if I believe that my body will cure itself by positive thoughts then it will surely happen.

On that evening, we had guest at our home and mom dad were buzy chatting with the guest. I was not well so I came to my room to rest. I had decided to try shifting focus to cure pain. So just gave a thought about what can I do to shift focus. An idea came to my mind, how about singing? I love singing and with god’s grace I have quite a good voice and singing talent though not professionally learned. It was around 8:00 pm and summer season. In summer, at night we have an awesome pleasant wind and atmosphere at our place. So both the windows in the room were open which allowed pleasant wind to enter the room and make the atmosphere awesome. I put off the lights and it was now dark. I sat on my bed and closed my eyes. The pleasant atmosphere and cold wind accompanied me beautifully and I started singing my favourite songs which I really love to sing. In few minutes I sank deep in the songs and their lyrics. I was deeply involved in the mood of the songs, only the songs and my voice was in my ears and my mind and heart. I could not listen any other sound, not even my mom dad’s voice. So much intense was that positive feeling and my love towards my voice, my singing, the songs itself, the beauty of meaning of the songs and the pleasant waves of the wind passing through me. I was feeling awesome. In that darkness of the room, only some light would peep in through the small opening from the door because I did not lock the door, it was open slightly. In that light I could see the wall clock of my room. After few minutes of singing, my eyes stuck on the time and it was 8:15 pm. At that moment, I said to myself…”Wow!!! you sang for 15 minutes and could not realise that 15 mins passed so fast?” That moment also I could not remember why I started singing. After few seconds I recalled that I had severe pain of cirvical spondilosys. I was shocked, it was for the first time in my life that I cured my pain without medicine. I was amazed by the power of love, love for my singing, love which I felt from bottom of my heart while singing. I was really very very happy like I have done a miracle..:-)))))))))))

I healed myself and it was a big achievement. Thereafter I decided that I will always use shifting of focus to heal myself from any problem because I can do that and not only me, everyone out there…yes I am talking about you guys and gals. You too have the capability to heal your pain/problems. Just give it a try. You are amazingly powerful.:-)))

I would like to mention here that now I am perfectly healthy and I rarely get any such pain and if any then god always reminds me of my power and in most cases I am able to heal myself.

Lots and lots of gratitude to the supreme power [God]:-))))


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