Nominated for Inspiring Blogger Award…WOW!!!

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I got a pleasant surprise today morning when I checked my email. I was nominated for the inspiring blogger award.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Kimberly [at] for nominating me for Inspiring Blogger Award. It feels so awesome and encouraging for being recognized for your efforts. This is my first nomination and it means a lot to me. Thank you Kimberly from bottom of my heart. I started blogging on 21st December 2014 and presently I am new to blogging. Everyday I am learning new things about blogging and lots of amazing things about life from my fellow bloggers. For knowing beautiful things about life, do visit

Rules to follow on nomination:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. List the rules and display the award.

3. Share seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them.


1. I have deep faith in God [The devine supreme power in the Universe]
2. I love ‘LOVE’. Since past 2 years I have been able to develop an attitude of gratitude, ie. being thankful for all the blessings in my life. I believe ‘Love’, ‘Faith’ and ‘Gratitude’ are the eternal forces in the Universe. Love, faith and gratitude can move mountains.
3. I love being social. I love learning new things every day and share good knowledgeable stuff with people and also share fun loving moments with family and friends.
4. I love all living beings on this earth. Life is so beautiful.
5. I love to dance & listen music. When I listen to my favorite songs/music, it feels like current is passing all over my body and my feet begin to tap instantly.:-))) I really love dance and music.
6. I love reading self help books and share my positivity with people.
7. I believe in “We are the creators of our destiny”

Since last one month I have been reading some of the beautiful blogs and wish to nominate them here. Blogs which I am following, which inspire me every day are –


4 thoughts on “Nominated for Inspiring Blogger Award…WOW!!!

  1. Awesome!! Trust me when I say you deserve it. I wasn’t sure what your blogs would have been about but your name had me. Then i read your posts and I knew if I didn’t follow you then I was a fool. Continue to be an inspiration to others through your action and your words! Thank you nominating me too!!! I really really appreciate it. Gives me much joy lol..and we have some things in common LOVE THAT!

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