My Professional Name Plate

In my previous post I shared my experience where I unintentionally attracted commerce career however with few strong positive thoughts and listening to my heart my intuition at the right moment helped me to go ahead and excel in what life offered me.  Positive thoughts helps us in believing in ourselves and belief in ourselves helps us in believing in our dreams and believing in our dreams helps us to manifest our dreams in our life.

Getting admission in commerce field was just a starting.  I entered in the field which was totally new for me.  Now I would like to share my experience how my sincere devotion, hard work, smart work and training my sub-conscious mind unintentionally, helped me pass my Chartered Accountancy Exams.

In 2008, I was in CA Final.  Before 2008, I had failed 4 times.

In 2nd attempt I got exemption in one subject in 2nd group.  In 4th attempt I cleared one group where I availed my exemption.  I was continuously trying hard for clearing rest of the subjects.  In Finals, we do not have any limitation on the number of attempts but it was my wish like all other students, to clear exam asap.  In January 2008, results were out and I cleared my 2nd Group of CA Final.  Now only one group was pending, but as I was continuously failing by few marks in 1st group I was worried about how I will be able to clear it in the next attempt which was due in May 2008.

In our CA curriculum, we get monthly newsletter for CA students from our institute in India, while I was preparing for my CA Final 1st group for my May 2008 exams,  I came across an article in the newsletter from an existing member [i.e. a CA]. She had mentioned in her article about how training her sub-conscious mind helped her to achieve her dream of becoming CA.  I was really surprised by what she did because it was totally a new concept for me.  I did what she mentioned in the article.

After reading that stuff, at that very moment, I took out a rectangular piece of paper and wrote on it with big bold letters “CA. Gargi Akolkar, B. Com, ACA”  [‘B. Com’ means ‘Bachelor of Commerce’ ie. a graduation degree for commerce in India and ‘ACA’ means ‘Associate Chartered Accountant’ ie. A qualified CA in India, needless to mention, I had already completed my graduation at that time. After writing the above words on the piece of paper I pasted the paper on the door of my room as if the door was of my office cabin and it was a name plate.  Thereafter, whenever I used to open the door to enter the room, I used to read it and felt so amazing as if I was a CA and entering my cabin in my office.  The feeling was so awesome.

In addition to it I prepared my target mark sheet with target marks and result as ‘PASS’ and pasted it above my study desk.  Whenever I used to sit on my chair to study I would see the target mark sheet and as if I have scored those marks, I used to feel really very very good and I would study with so much positive vibrations.

I prepared for my exams and appeared for CA Final 1st group again in my 5th attempt in May 2008.   After my exams I joined a CA Firm as full time employee in Internal Audit department in my home town.  On 12th Jul 2008, most awaited moment came.  I was at home sitting in front of my PC to check my results.  It was very tough moment to just enter my roll no. on the result site.  Result was supposed to be out by 8 am and me and my family members, all were in front of the PC.  Everyone was waiting for results and I was equally nervous.  I was thinking like why all are here, go at work and let me check my results alone, I was nervous thus felt like this.  8 am passed by and results were not yet declared.  I was constantly refreshing the web page but no results.  All family members got bored of waiting and went on their respective schedules.  My mom got asleep on the bed behind me and only I was in the room in front of the PC waiting for results.  I was also bored.  I just casually refreshed the page with all expectation that results would not be there but Oh god!  Results were out…Oops…

With cold fingers, I entered my roll no. and pressed enter.  I was very very nervous but feeling quite comfortable as no one except me was there to check the results.  My mark sheet appeared on the screen.  I slowly scrolled down keeping my fingers crossed and with all courage directly went to bottom of the mark sheet where results were given and it was


I was totally stunned.  I woke up my mom and told her I passed.  Tears fell down my eyes… I did it… my mom started crying with all joy…her daughter became CA…her dream came true and mine as well.  Then I told my dad and my sis who were not at home that time and then my friends and my relatives.  All were so happy and in my office also people were so so happy.  I gave my heart felt thanks to god, my parents and my sis for all the positive boosts they always gave me through out my education.

My professional name plate which I pasted in advance on the door of my room made such an effective positive impression on my sub-conscious that it made my belief in my dream so strong that my studies improved a lot and I was able to focus correctly and in correct direction in my studies which ultimately made me a qualified professional.  ‘Law of attraction’ is training your sub-conscious mind by creating the impressions (live images)  in your mind through your creative thoughts.  Our sub-conscious mind does not know whether the live images are actual or only in thoughts, it understands them as actual and then manifests the same in our real life.  If we become negative then those negative impressions are understood as real by sub-conscious mind and restricts good things to happen and manifests the negative.

I was not totally aware of how sub-conscious mind works or how LOA is governing our life but I did it to try something new.  So I unintentionally set LOA into motion and it helped me achieve my dream along with my regular studies.

This was an experience which is one of the important in my life and I really suggest this to those who really lack confidence or positivity believing in their dreams and their realization a physical reality.

In my next post, I will share one of my experience where following my mind rather than my heart, gave me so much pain and that enormous stress and pain compelled me to follow my heart and I came out from that pain and got my wish fulfilled.    From that day I decided not to repeat the mistake of ignoring my intuition in future.


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