How my thoughts attracted my life experiences unintentionally

Two years back when I came to know about the law of attraction, my past life experiences begin to make sense. I realised how I attracted amazing, good, not so good or bad experiences in my life. I understood that whatever I experienced, I had attracted it and from the day I got introduced to the power of thoughts and the law of Universe ie. the law of attraction, I have changed the way I used to see life and each and every moments which life offered me. I would like to share few of my experiences before I came to know about the law of attraction, meaning these experiences were unintentionally attracted by me through law of Universe.

Experiences where I unintentionally attracted specific situation, things and people in my life.

1. My career in Commerce stream

When I was pursuing my primary education, I always favoured science stream. I thought only science stream is having good scope for career. At that time no one in my family including my cousins had pursued commerce stream. So I was surrounded by Science and Art people. I always heard people saying that those who are not serious about career and those who do not want to study pursue commerce stream. Students of commerce do not study, they waste time and they are no where in the market. At that time I was around 10 or 11 years old [can’t remember exactly] and so I was not much aware of real situation in the world market about commerce. Due to preconception on negative side about commerce stream, I always used to tell my friends that I don’t like commerce, it is shear wastage of time and commerce student waste their parent’s money and they are no where in the market as far as a good career is concerned. I used to give a lot of negativity about commerce stream. I repeated said I don’t like commerce and I will never join commerce stream. Instead of saying I like science, I said I don’t like commerce. I gave more energy in not joining commerce. Till continued till I passed out my std 9 class in higher secondary education. when I joined matriculation in std 10, slowly I realised that I am not able to do chemistry subject well and my interest from science stream reduced and ultimately the situation came during my matriculation where I decided not to pursue career in Science and Arts after 10th Std. The only option for me was COMMERCE. I was blank about how I am going to do that and what I am going to pursue or what I will do further taking commerce. My family members did not have any experience of commerce stream. For that I had to change my school becasue we did not have other than science in our school. After 12 years, when it comes to change a school, it feels bad especially when you are mentally prepared to complete your education your school. But I had to change school like many students who opted for commerce. It was not an easy task because I did not know any of the abcd of commerce and accounting. I remember, on the day of submitting application at new school I was standing in the queue with application in my hand and scary thoughts in my mind whether I will be able to do this study. My dad I asked me “Gargi, tell me finally, you want to pursue commerce? Do you want to join this new school? You have still time, you can go back to your old school and pursue science.” At that time only one strong positive thought [one positive thought is equal to 100 negative thoughts] came to my mind that though studies would be new, school would be new but I have few of my old friends in this new school who have told me that commerce is really good. The moment I thought this, my dad asked one of the existing student about the teaching in the school and he told that school is good and teachers as well, so no problem if I join the school. This was enough for me to go ahead. I told dad that I will go ahead with my decision of joining commerce. Initially it was very difficult to understand the concepts of accounting and other commerce subjects and that too without coaching. In my preliminary exams I literally failed in accounting subject and that was 1st time I failed in my test after so long. That day I decided to any how pass my final exams, at any damn cost. Yes, I studied hard without any coaching, without any guidance from my family for understanding subjects though moral support was there from family. I gave my final exam [11 std], and I passed out with 58% marks. I was so glad, I thought I did it and then came the most important std. 12 [Board exams] board exams are the base for Indian students for pursuing any career. In std 12 I did coaching and that time I really understood the subjects clearly and scored 66% in final exams. During my std 12 studies, I had to decide about what professional career I would pursue after that. My dad had a distant family friend who was a Chartered Accountant [CA]. Dad told me that CA is a course which is very good. You can do that but it is very very difficult. I decided to join CA. After I passed out my boards, I joined CA course which is the most prestigiuos course in Commerce field in India. Everyone around me always said CA is very very tough and very few students pass, etc. etc. But I always concentrated on my studies. And finally I became CA in 2008. After joining CA, slowly and gradually it became my dream to become a CA and I achieved my dream. Today I am happy about my profession my work. I love my work.

I attracted Commerce stream unintentionally but few strong thoughts at the time of submitting application in the new school gave me a boost which helped me to go ahead with my decision. My mind said I would not be able to do it because subjects are totally new that what I had been studying since my primary education, school is new, no friends, don’t know how teachers must be, good or bad? all sorts of negative and calculative questions were moving in my mind but my heart was firm not go back to old school and not to pursue science because I did not enjoy science studies. I did not know anything about commerce but I knew about science and arts subjects and I knew I do not enjoy or love these subjects. So I followed my heart and went ahead with my decision and I excelled. If I would have listen to my mind then I would have repented whole life and that might have been too late to start with new. Also, if after joining commerce, I would have been negative about new studies and all then also it would have been difficult for me to go ahead. So for joining commerce only few strong positive thoughts made my journey easy compared to 100s of negative thoughts and I am really grateful to god for guiding me all the way.

In 2008 I cleared my CA Final exam and again the law of attraction helped me to clear my exams along with my sincere hard work for studying. How LOA help will share in my next post:-)))


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