It not only Beats 24×7 but guides you all time…Listen to it

Our HEART not only beats 24×7 but also guides us all time.

Since my childhood, I have been listening to my heart, my intuition in all aspects of my life. There were many situations I faced till now where my mind and my heart were totally opposite. Mind said go this way and heart said go that way. Whenever I face such a situation, I really get confused because apparently it always seemed that my mind is telling me right direction looking at the conditions around me, however I have always followed what my heart said and I would say I have always been happy by doing what my heart said.

When our mind is at the service of our heart, results are extraneous and if our heart is at the service of our mind then the results are not good, some times very bad. True joy comes from within and this within we can say is our heart. The power of vibrations of our heart is around 5000 times more than our mind. From this we can understand that if thoughts becomes things in physical world then if we add good or amazing feelings to our positive thoughts then the results would be miraculous and when we are aware that we can help others also by our positive vibes and feelings, then just think over how wonderful our life would be because in this world there is no joy more than the joy we feel and experience when we help others and see them happy. I have really interesting experiences where my heart gave me a direction and when I followed, I felt like life is really worth enjoying and living to the fullest.

I will surely share my experiences here soon…

Love you Heart, it Loves you… Listen to it…it guides you.


One thought on “It not only Beats 24×7 but guides you all time…Listen to it

  1. Hi… GARGI.
    I have disconnect regarding this. I think it depends on situation and circumstances whether you should use your MIND or HEART to take decision.
    You should follow your HEART where HEART matters r concerned, but use your MIND in taking decisions especially in today’s PRAGMATIC WORLD.

    You did exactly the OPPOSITE…

    Sap Lead


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