Amazing!!!! System issue resolved in few seconds…

Hi all,

After quite a few days of break due to unavoidable reasons, I am back on my posts.

My today’s post is really amazing. This is one of my experience where positive written words have shown a solid effect.

In the end of December 2014, I was on official tour for one week to one of the offices of my employer company out of my home town [my home town is in western India and I went to Southern part of India]. During my work their, me [Internal Audit] and my colleagues in IT, SCM and Controlling team were stuck up in some system related issue and we were not able to solve that inspite of trying for more than an hour time. IT department contacted there counter parts in other offices across India, but all efforts in vain because no one could identify where we were making mistake. Our IT guy was an expert, still he could not identify the mistake and we were unable to resolve the issue and it was so urgent and important task but we were feeling helpless. Then I thought to google search and find out if I can find out some solution. I took out my phone and opened google search and typed ‘SAP Tcode not working’, the moment I typed this statement in search dialogue box, I instantly realised that I am writing a negative statement and I immediately re-typed it as ‘SAP Tcode started working’ becasue some or other search engine would show the results so I re-typed it. My colleagues sitting around me were not aware of my this search activity. The moment I re-typed the statement into positive, my IT colleague said “hey guys, might be we have not changed the year in which we are trying the data generation, if we change the year from 2014 to 2015 it might help becasue today is 02-Jan-2015”, and he changed the year and wow! it worked. Our mistake was a minor one that was the year was not changed, but this minor mistake, we were not able to identify for more than an hours time, and the moment the positive statement was written, it worked.

I just want to let you all know that the positive words are so powerful and if they are written and that too in present tense as if it already happened then the power increases tremendously. Next time if you stuck up any where, do seek help through positive words, it can be verbal or written, you will definitely find a solution. Instead of focusing on problems, we should focus on solutions.

I wish you do not face any problem in any of your work, but we are humans so problems/mistakes are bound to happen, so in that case just try power of positive words. Its really amazing..:-))) try it guys…no loss in trying, you might get the solution…


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