Live your dreams… Create the life you wish:-)))

Everything is possible in this Universe.

Live Your Dreams…create the life you wish

Sounds interesting?    Or      Impossible?

In my earlier posts we saw what is the law of Attraction, how it works and we started our journey towards an amazzzzzzzzzing life:-))).

We saw the most important starting point for a happy and joyful life – “GRATITUDE” that is being Thankful with all our heart daily [every second, every minute] for all the good things we already have in our life.

Then we understood about “LOVING OURSELVES” and felt wonderful:-)))

Now comes the most amazing and most interesting part.


Each and every person on this earth has this power and when we are aware of this power then we can do a lot good things for ourselves and for the world.  We can set the Law of Attraction [LOA] into motion intentionally through Creative Visualization.

“Creative Visualization”

I emphasis here “creative” word because by visualizing you create the thing and also because creative is a positive thing. You are creating positive thing in this physical world.

Dreams!!! Every person has dreams in his/her life. Dreams are heartfelt wishes which one want to become a reality. Dreams are important because they give direction to our life. Just imagine a life where a person does not have any dream, any wish, any goal…where he will go, in which direction? This seems impossible to think right? So we understand that every human being is having a dream in life, dream to become a successful businessman, dream of having a perfect job with perfect pay package, dream of having a perfect life partner, dream of having a love marriage, dream of going on a beautiful vacation at beautiful places, dream of meeting a superstar, dream of contributing something for the betterment of the world, dream of becoming a successful sportsperson, dream of higher education, dream of having beautiful family, children and many more amazing dreams. These all dreams give us direction in life and gives meaning to our life. We cannot imagine our life without dreams, goals, wishes and we always wish that our dreams are fulfilled and we live an amazing life. So for believing in our dreams and fulfilling our dreams in physical world, we apply creative visualization.

It is very simple yet interesting. Whenever we are in a good mood and relaxed, spare some time for creative visualization. Sit or lay down, as you wish, be relaxed and happy. Then close your eyes and visualize what you want as if you have already received it, feel the joy what you would feel when you would achieve your dream and give all the heartfelt thanks to the Universe for fulfilling your wish. Then open your eyes and get into your routine, do your day to day work and do not think about your dream or wish then after. Just believe in the Universe and have faith that your wish will be fulfilled and it will be manifested in your life [in this physical world]. By visualizing you create your dream in the metaphysical world and thereafter Universe creates it in the physical world. You have to just show the Universe by your visualization what you wish for and then leave all on god about how it should be fulfilled and when. The “HOWs” and the “WHENs” are responsibility of the UNIVERSE. Universe will put all its forces to the work of manifesting your dream in your life. Universe will always do it with shortest time and the most appropriate and beautiful way. You just have to believe in your dreams and have deep faith, unwavering faith in Universe that your wish will be fulfilled. Some time it takes very short time like few days and some time long like few months for manifestation of your dreams but be assured that when Universe gives you what you wish that moment or day would the best time for you to receive that. So just believe and have faith, if you start doubting Universe because it takes long time and you do not see any favorable situation which would make you feel that your dream is going to manifest, then you are getting in the way of manifesting your own wish. By doubting you restrict positive situations, people and things which will take you towards your dreams ultimate realization.

Suppose one person has a dream of having a job in an MNC in a particular city or state in a particular position. The he has to visualize that he has already got the job in his dream company and that he is working joyfully in his dream company. He has to feel the joy of actually being in that company and working there, in his imagination [visualization]. Ultimate realization has to be visualized . When he visualizes that he is happily working in his dream company, joyfully spending fun time with colleagues and has got a desired package and everything he wished, he actually starts feeling that happiness during visualization and when he gives thanks to the Universe for receiving the dream job, he gives out a high frequency in the Universe which sets the LOA into motion intentionally. Once visualization is over, then just let go…do not follow up every now and then whether Universe is doing you the favor or not. Just LET GO…LET GO off the way…Universe is supreme power and capable to manifesting your dream in a most beautiful way and most appropriate time.

If someone is looking for a perfect life partner, then just imagine that you are already married to your perfect life partners and spending a beautiful married life. Try to visualize every detail and feel the joy and give gratitude and then just let go and get busy in your daily routine. There is no fix time for visualization. You can do it for one minute or one second or may be more, important is how amazing you feel visualizing your dream being fulfilled. Visualization not only creates your dream in metaphysical world but also makes your belief strong which ultimately manifest your dream in your life.

Everything in this world is a result of some one’s imagination and visualization. The inventions and innovations and discoveries all have been manifested in physical world after they were imagined by scientists and others.   The vehicles, telephones, houses, dresses, consumables goods, TV, computer and every other thing was first imagined as a reality, as a possibility by someone and then it became a reality. Visualization also works for third person, if you want to help someone, if you want to heal someone from ill health or any other problem, then you can do that with Visualization and gratitude.

Many people have said to me sarcastically that if visualization does everything than what is the need of doing work, we can sit at home and just visualize and everything will happen on its own. Here, people misunderstand the entire things [intentionally applying visualization]. I just want to clarify here is visualization of your wish as already received will set the Universal forces in motion and that will bring all the required people, things and favorable situations to you to work towards achieving your dreams.

If you visualize your dream job as received, then you have to search for the vacancies and apply but Universe will properly guide you in the shortest and most unexpected way towards your dream job. On the contrary if you believe that only applying for job is enough and you are only applying for N number of vacancies daily but not getting any favorable response then you should think why? Because continuous applying thinking I am not getting an interview call will give out thoughts of not having an interview call and you will face more and more disappointment. So instead of searching, first create what you want and then see how Universe takes you to your dream in reality. If you still doubt about all this stuff, then you can test your power of visualization. Try with any small thing but unusual so that when it manifests in reality, you would be sure that you attracted it, you created it. Just try, you will lose nothing but surely increase your faith in Universe and will feel amazing your power and love of Universe for you.

Few important points are to be understood and remembered always when applying law for ourselves or for helping others.

  1. Your intention of using LOA should be always positive [Positive for yourself, positive for others, positive for the world].  If LOA is intentionally used for hurting yourself or hurting someone else or the world, then you are giving out negative thoughts, frequencies and vibrations which will attract negativity to you.  Negativity can be in any way, it may be ill health, body injury, bad relationships, disappointments, insult, bad reputation, loss of material things, etc.
  2. After visualization and gratitude, just let go of it. Do not doubt on Universe. Just believe that it will happen at the most appropriate time and in the most perfect way.
  3. Keep giving gratitude and love for everything in your day to day life with all your heart and not as a formality or a routine job.

Till now and presently also we experience lot many situations, people and things which we attract unintentionally by our thoughts and unintentional imaginations, that is obvious because we are humans and we can make mistakes but we have to learn from our mistakes and when god have given us the power of creating life then we should put that power into work of creating beautiful life and world.

People can think that if everyone does this and gets what he wish, then there will be shortage of tings in this world. This is not true because every person has different likes, wishes and Universe is abundant. These can never be shortage of anything for Universe to give you. Just focus on abundance, beauty and have deep faith in the almighty because he loves you the most.

Friends,  I have experienced the power of visualization for myself as well as for other helping others and it always worked, thus I am sharing with you all the knowledge of this amazing power which every one has.

Wish to hear from you all about your manifestations soon:-))))

Just try it once:-)


2 thoughts on “Live your dreams… Create the life you wish:-)))

  1. Hi… GARGI…
    I don’t completely agree with you w.r.t LOA. May be I have not experienced it. So…….

    As per your blog,
    If someone is looking for a perfect life partner, then just imagine that you are already married to your perfect life partners and spending a beautiful married life. Try to visualize every detail and feel the joy and give gratitude and then just let go and get busy in your daily routine. There is no fix time for visualization. You can do it for one minute or one second or may be more, important is how amazing you feel visualizing your dream being fulfilled. Visualization not only creates your dream in metaphysical world but also makes your belief strong which ultimately manifest your dream in your life.

    I have done it..
    In my case, its almost a year now and still I have not got my LIFE PARTNER. You want to know reason for it…. My JOB LOCATION is different than hers. Her father is insisting and very firm on this point. I don’t know if its his wish or HER wish also. Location cannot be constraint for marriage. That girl is highly educated and well settled in her career….. Still this is d situation. Her father does not even want to see d guy (me). I m very well settled in my career…..
    Common we are leaving in 21st century, I don’t think it’s valid reason for rejection. I like that girl very much from bottom of my heart….
    I want your inputs on this…. I really mean it…
    I think u can help me out….
    I want to ask you if LOA, power of visualisation can change your destiny….
    If YES…….. I will get married to that girl very soon…. Bcos she is my DESTINY….

    Awaiting your reply and inputs on this.. I m very serious on this.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sap Consultant


    1. Hi Ajinkya,

      From your information I understand that you might be referring to an arranged marriage situation where in Asia girls or boys do not directly talk to the relevant guy or girl during proposal stage. Initially parents talk. First of all I would like to tell you that in your case, as you said that you do not know whether the girl also said no to the proposal or her father only denied giving reason of job location, try to understand that there might be other reasons as well for that girl to say no for the proposal. Job location might be one reason. She might be liking some other guy or she might have her own view and expectations regarding the perfect life partner like education equivalent or more than her and might be location. In today’s world, when you talk about 21st century, yes location is not important but try to understand that if she is highly educated, she would be independent in her opinion and her father might be genuinely telling you her view. So trust in her father’s words becasue no father now a days would do anything at the cost of his daughter’s happiness.
      Now we come to LOA. Instead of focusing on person, you need to focus on the qualities you want in your perfect life partner. Some times we think that a particular person is our perfect life partner but Universe knows exactly what we look for. I will tell you my own experience 9 years back, I liked a guy and always thought of him as perfect life partner but he married to some one else, it took time for me to accept that and around after two months, I realised that he was actually not what I always wished for. The qualities which I was looking in him was not in him and god knew what I actually wanted and I would say today I am blessed to feel happy for what god did. I deserve what I truely wish. One more example, as I am highly educated so its been always my wish to have a perfect partner who is equivalent or more educated than me. This is a general expectation.
      I am not discouraging you in any aspect. Just want to clarify that what you had to do, you did but now you need to focus on the qualities which you wish to have in your perfect partner. Write down all the qualities and be grateful for having the girl with all those qualities, that is your perfect partner because more than you or any one else in this world, only god knows what your heart truely wishes for. Have faith in god and be specific in what you truely want. I am sure you will soon get your perfect partners as you truely wish.

      Liked by 1 person

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