Look…Who is in the mirror?

Who is in the mirror???

Its a magnificent personality…a beautiful person having exceptional qualities….beautiful heart…beautiful soul and that is …



Do you see yourself in the mirror daily?  Do you love the person in the mirror? Do you smile and say “I love you” when you see yourself in the mirror?  Do you feel joyful looking into the mirror?


then excellent:-)))) keep it up..

and if No, then??

Get up from your place, go in front of the mirror, smile and say out loud to the person in the mirror


Just do it and see how amazing it feels

You are the person with unique qualities, amazing talent, beautiful heart, intelligent mind, kind nature…

Love yourself.  Treat yourself with all respect and love.  Give yourself what you want world to give you and that is respect and amazing love.  Love yourself for what you are.

When you respect and love the person within you with all your heart, the people around you will start respecting and loving you.  Unless you love yourself, you cannot expect world to love you.  When we love the way we are, when we appreciate ourselves and respect ourselves, we generate a high frequency around our body which attracts more and more positivity and love towards us.  Loving yourself does not mean that you should feel superior then others or you do not find any mistake in you or you get egoistic.  Ego and self love is entirely different things.  The love for our own self, I am talking about is treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.  You have something which no one has.  Universe has made you for a special reason…you are so special…

You might be fair in looks or dark, you might be tall or average or short, might be you are financially very sound or not so sound person, you may be slim or not so slim, but you are you…the person with something unique, something special which only you have.  Love yourself amazingly.  Look into the mirror daily, love looking into the mirror, smile at yourself and feel amazing…see how your love makes your soul shine….the life will be awesome then…and people around you will ask you…hey buddy…what happened…you are shining haaa,  what’s the magic?;-)…

“Fall in love with yourself and the world will fall in love with you…with the person within…”

“Life is amazing journey full of magic and adventure…ENJOY:-))))”

catch my next post on…..shhhhh…its a suspense…hahahaha…c ya..


7 thoughts on “Look…Who is in the mirror?

      1. Hi..

        You are welcome. Even I was not aware of this award untill I was nominated by some one. It is an award given by people who like your posts and they are inspired by you blog.


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