Life is a Magic

Got surprised by the title? “Life is a Magic”  Am I reading right?  these must be your first thoughts right?

Answer is YES…you are reading absolutely correct.  Life is indeed a Magic:-))))


By deliberately setting Law of Attraction into motion…your second thought…am I joking or what?  hahaha!!!!  No friends I am not at all joking.  Ok now without wasting your and my time and with full enthu I am explaining here the first and the most important thing to the way to a magical life.  The life which is amazing and full of adventure and pleasant surprise by the Universe.

The most important thing on the way to an amazing life is


Gratitude means being Thankful, being Grateful. 

All the sufferings and pain in life starts when we take life for granted, when we become ungrateful towards what good things we already have.  Sufferings, struggle and pain starts when we tend to complaint about the things which we do not like or which we do not want.  When we focus on the things which we do not have or we do not have enough, we are ungrateful towards good and amazing things in life.  Universe [God] always wishes to give his children amazing life, full of abundance in all areas of life [Health, Money, Relationship, Work and lot more].  Universe is always ready with its treasure of abundance to give us but we restrict it coming to us by being ungrateful.

When we are grateful for any good thing in our life, we give out high frequency vibrations in the Universe and that high frequency attracts many more good things and happy moments in our life which make us feel more & more grateful.

Just think, when our friends or family gives us gift on our birthday or wedding or friendship day or any other occasion, we say “Thank you”.. ..why?  because we feel grateful for the gifts we receive…we feel good:-)) ..but!!  then why we do not say “Thank You” to the Universe [God] for each & every small or big good things in life which makes us feel joyful.  Is it that we should be grateful and say thank you only when we receive gifts from people?

When we are not well, we remember god to get well and god helps us but do we express our gratitude to the Universe when we are in pink of our health?  do we??

We use the electricity and telephone services joyfully but when after 2 months we receive the bill for the services we have used.. what is our first thought?  Oh god so much big bill!!!… Electricity and telephone departments are raising the tariffs… we criticize government..we do not feel good about paying the bill.  Why don’t we feel grateful to the electricity board and telephone companies who readily provide us the power and telecommunication at home and offices and most amazing thing is first they allow us to use the facility for two months which gives us so much comfort and then we are asked to pay for it….isn’t it amazing?

Each night we sleep with full confidence that we will see the next day… we believe it and why not..we surely should.. but when we see the beautiful sun rays next morning, when we here birds chirping early in the morning, we get pure atmosphere and see beautiful blue sky…do we feel and express gratitude for being alive, for being able to see and experience beauty of sun-rays, plants, blue sky, pure air?  Do we express gratitude towards our amazing health, our perfectly working body parts, our perfect eye sights?  There are many people in our day to day lives known unknown who do small small favors to us, who give smile or joy to us… do we feel and express gratitude to the Universe for sending those people in our lives.. may it be for seconds or minutes time?  Many of us are able to get good education, necessary things to live, good food, water, and all the things which are basic for leading a good we feel grateful for all the comforts we have received and still receiving?  Do we express gratitude to our parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, acquaintances for all the favors they have done for us so far?  Many people are jobless but we have a good job with good pay…do we feel grateful for our good job and every month’s salary?  for those who have their own you feel grateful for each and every order you receive from your customer, each and every order fulfilled by your supplier by providing you the material and services in time?

Answer is No!!!

We do not have an attitude of gratitude.  We are used to complaining every now and then about the things we don’t have or we don’t like or what we don’t want in life.  We complain about inflation, we complain about how bad government works, we complain about how people behave badly to us, we complain about workload at office, we feel bad about our bosses, our co-workers, we criticize pollution.  All the time we are discussing and talking about the things which does not give a good feeling to us.  You all would agree that no one feels good about thinking, discussing and talking about such things, but still we do that because we are used to this, we focus more and more on the things which we do not want and that results in attracting more and more such things in our life because negative frequency attracts negative things, people and situations whereas positive frequency attracts positive things, people and situations in life.

It is never late to begin new things in life and if it is going to make our life amazing, then it is worth.

Start from today itself.. take a piece of paper or a note book or a diary or a journal whatever you like and write down 10 things you already have in your life to be grateful for.  It can be the beautiful sun-rays you see each morning, beautiful flowers, birds, animals, your amazingly lovely family, each of family member who give you so much love each day, your lovely pet [if you have] who is important family member now, the education  you have received, the job you have, all the money you have been given by Universe throughout your life and still giving, amazing health you and your near and dear ones have, your vehicle which helps you in commutation whenever you want, the rain you see every year and enjoy, the clothes you have, the shoes you have, the intelligence you have, the amazing talents you have, the cell phones, i pads, i phones, televisions, cinema theatres, the pens you use to write, the almirah you use to store clothes, the bed on which you enjoy your sleep, the peaceful sleep you get, the perfect infrastructure and all facilities you receive from government and various service providers, the consumables and groceries you get readily available at stores, all the fresh vegetables you get from hawkers at your door steps, and the list goes on and you will experience how much amazing things Universe has given you and is still giving you.. for which it would be too less to be grateful for one day.. We should be grateful each and every second for what each & every second life is giving us.  Difficulties and challenges are important part of life because they gives us lessons to learn and move ahead but to substitute struggle for the word “life” is not worth.

Be grateful and feel as much gratitude as you can for what you already have in life.. you will see that the moment you start counting your blessing by writing down goods things in your life and feel deep gratitude for all of good things, the law of attraction [Universe] will start showing you magic in life.. you will see how high frequency of gratitude brings lots and lots of amazing things, people and circumstances in your life.  When you change within, it changes will see then how magically amazing life becomes..

Trust me… Life is so easy…I have experienced the power of gratitude since past 2 years and now it has become part of my life.. I have been able to develop an attitude of gratitude and daily I am experiencing the magic of amazing things in life.  I have read quite number of books and blogs about law of attraction and power of gratitude and friends its amazing…all of them says only one things…gratitude has immense power and it can move mountains within a second…it can make impossible things possible because impossibility is the restriction which we create in our mind and tend to  believe in that whereas Universe has different view and plans for us.

So without wasting any time,,, start counting your blessings…and see the magic..:-))))

Life is awesome:-)))))

In my next post we will see next wonderful thing towards an amazing life….till then c ya:-)


4 thoughts on “Life is a Magic

  1. Hi… Gargi,
    No post since last 2-3 days.Pls keep posting at regular intervals so that we can keep momentum going… 🙂

    Thanks & Regards
    Sap Consultant


  2. Hi.. Gargi
    Farach chaan. Very nice.
    We always crave for things which we don’t have rather than enjoying things we have. I would like to share this message which is on same lines : — Whether you have a Maruti or BMW, the road remains the same.Whether you travel economy class or business, your destination doesn’t change.Whether you have a Titan or a Rolex, the time is the same.Whether u have apple samsung or lava, people who call u remains the same. There is nothing wrong in dreaming a luxurious life. What needs to be taken care of is to not let the NEED become GREED. Because needs can always be met.. but greed can never be fulfilled. Short lines with a million dollar meaning : – The life that you are living now, Is also a dream of millions!!… So B THANKFUL TO GOD for this beautiful LIFE U have……
    I hope you liked it…
    Awaiting for your next post. It’s becoming very interesting day by day…… Keep up d Good work GARGI.

    Thanks & Regards


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