We are Magnet

In my previous post we discussed about the formation of the Universe and all the living beings and non-living things in this physical world.  Now we will see what is the Universal law i.e. the Law of Attraction and how it works [intentionally or unintentionally].

Law of attraction says “Like attract Like”.  That means like thoughts and feelings attract like thoughts and feelings.  Confused???

Ok let me put it this way, when we think of some thing and we release the thought with a particular frequency in the Universe, we attract to us the thing, people or circumstances which are there on that frequency.  For example, if we think that we do not have enough money, we release this thought with a frequency of having not enough money.  Now the frequency “not enough money” goes out and that frequency would match to the frequency of “not enough money”, that means we attract more situations or circumstances or people which would make us feel that we do not have enough money.  This is ‘like thought attracts like people, circumstances’ which become our life experiences.  The law of attraction works in all aspects of life, may it be money, health, relationship, work/job, everything.

We will now see examples in all above aspects.

Money – like we saw above, here is another example.  Suppose a person is having debt, he is worried about increasing of debts and thinking that he is not having enough money to pay his debt or his bills.  He is fearful about short of money and day by day rise in debts and he is stressful.  Now we see that he is constantly thinking that I don’t want debt, I want to pay my debt, I want to get rid of the bills.  Here he is focusing on debt, he is releasing the frequency of debt, even if he is saying “I don’t want debt”, but the focus is on debt.  The law of attraction does not understand whether the person wants it or not, whether he feels good or bad.  The person is giving out debt, focusing on debt then the law of attraction must give him back the debt.  What we give out to the Universe, we receive it back as our life experiences.  So the person though don’t want debt, is facing more and more debt and finally all blame goes to universe/god that god is so harsh, he is giving me struggle and difficult time in life, life is so miserable, etc.

Health – One of my family friends is always suffering from some or the other health issues, some time digestion issues, severe ulcers, some time fractures, some time knee pains and lot of other issues.  Many people told them that their must be some problem in the directions of their house, some even advised to sell the house and get new.  However, the real problem is the focus on disease is attracting disease.  When we think of a disease or discuss our past or present health issues with our near and dear ones, we give energy and our attention to the disease resulting in more and more disease and health issues.  Even if some one is telling us about their health issues and we are listening them with attention and feeling bad about that, then we are attracting the disease to us.  Our family friend is having a habit of discussing the disease almost all time.  Even if she is healthy and recovered from health issues, still she would discuss that how bad she was feeling and what problems she had with her health in past, so again she attracts some other health issue.

Relationship – Relationship is no exception for law of attraction.  Suppose a person fears about the relationship would not go ahead or he is afraid that his friend would broke and leave him, then it does happen because when you give out fear [frequency] the situation existing on that frequency would come to you.  If a business man thinks that my business is not going well and my clients would leave me and join my competitors then eventually this thought would materialize and he would see and experience exactly what he had thought of.

Work/Job – Take a situation of a guy desperately looking for a job  and applying for any job which comes his way.  He is applying to almost 20-25 positions daily but not getting any interview call and gets frustrated and disappointed.  He is constantly focusing on lack of job, lack of work, he is feeling bad about not having work and he is giving signs to the universe that he does not have a job by applying to each and every vacancy and just apply apply and apply resulting in more and more situations of not getting interview call which again would frustrate him of not having the job.

There are numerous experiences and examples to state here in all the above aspects.

As we see here that the law of attraction is unbiased and very faithful.  It gives you in return to what you give out.  First give and then receive.  If some one is for example sad about broken relationship and daily he listens to sad songs and feels bad and broken, then he would attract the same in his future relationships.  By sticking to negativity, one cannot attract positivity.  If we feel bad then at the same time we cannot feel good.  If we have 2-3 days out of 10-12 days when we feel low or upset due to some reason then thats ok but if we feel low for 10 days out of 12 then it is not ok, then there is some problem with us, with the way we see life, the way we think and feel about everything which comes our way.  Here it becomes important to change the way we see life, when we make change within then only we see change without.  “As within so without”.  Universe responds to our thoughts 24x7x365 but one more important thing to note here is that the law of attraction takes some time to respond.  I mean when we give any thought negative or positive, it doesn’t materialize instantly in the form of our life experiences.  So we can always try to change it by changing our thoughts before it materialize in the physical world.  Whatever we see in our physical world was first created in the metaphysical or say astral world through someone’s imagination.  Eg.  The aeroplane, telephone, computer, or any situation was first created in someones mind by thoughts and imaginations and then it came into being in the physical world.  The quantum physics discovery also says the same.  Also it becomes inevitable to understand here is law of attraction works [LOA] in harmony with other laws of universe like law of gravitation.  The aeroplane works perfectly because it is in full harmony with the law of physics.  Water is good conductor of electricity, this is the law of physics so that should be respected, LOA can be set in motion intentionally but the intentions should respect other laws of universe.

In the next post we will see how we can transform our thinking from negative to positive and how we can attract positive things, people and situations in our life. There is much more to know…


One thought on “We are Magnet

  1. Hi.. GARGI,
    Now I am able to corelate the things which you have mentioned with my situation. In the next post, I believe I will get my answer…… 🙂
    Good. Awaiting for your next important post.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sap Consultant


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