Have you ever wondered?

Have you wonder, why some times you think of a friend and that friend unexpectedly calls you or meet you some where?  Why you think of your favorite food items and it appears before you with a pleasant surprise? Why you fear or worry about your test going to be tough and it actually does happen?  Why you doubt about someone to dump you and it happens?  Why you see your favorite laptop, I phone, your favorite vacation place on TV and you feel, “how wonderful it would be if I own this laptop or I phone or go to this amazing place” and the next moment you feel “No..I just can’t afford it, I cannot go to this beautiful place, its too costly?…do you think or feel this way?  Yes..it happens and it happens with all of us ..but we see some people always afford to do what they want.. they always look joyful, cheerful..with full of positive personality and vibes..they live life amazingly… they might be lucky ones right???

and we ??

Aren’t we lucky to have all that we always wish for?  Why some thing happens negative or positive, good or bad like we have thought of?

Why it happens???

The answer to all these questions is the LAW OF ATTRACTION….the law which governs the life of all the living beings in this universe.  Its the Universal law….it is all science of energy…this law works 24x7x365…it works same for good and bad…it works whether you believe in it or not….if you believe you can create the life you wish…and if you won’t believe..it does not matter..because the law keeps on working and gives you life which you give through your thoughts and feelings…

What this law is? How it works? and How one can benefit from the knowledge of the Universal Law [The law of Supreme Power – God]? we will see in my upcoming blog posts..

Till then just relax and keep an eye on my future posts…..see ya:-))))


2 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered?

  1. Hi… GARGI, this is AJINKYA. First of all, I am very impressed by your BLOG TITLED “LIVE YOUR DREAMS ” – Create the LIFE U WISH. It’s really motivating one.

    I would like to know exactly what is LAW OF ATTRACTION ?? How it works?? Does it work for all aspects? Currently I am in a situation wherein everything seems to be BLOCKED/CHOCKED up, my PERSONAL as well as PROFESSIONAL life. Inspite of giving more than 100%, things are not at all working in my favour. I am not getting results as expected. Such things DISAPPOINT, DEMOTIVATE me. When nothing is working in your favour it FRUSTRATES you….

    How LAW OF ATTRACTION can be applied to get things work in your favour and get opportunities to UNLOCK your POTENTIAL to MOVE AHEAD, PROGRESS and SUCCEED in your LIFE.

    I have been STRUGGLING since long time…..

    Please share secret of SUCCESS — LAW OF ATTRACTION — Universal Law [The law of Supreme Power – God]

    Thanks & Regards,


    1. Hi Ajinkya,

      First of all thank you for appreciating the blog. I will be sharing the knowledge of the Law of Attraction in coming 2-3 days..due to some reasons could not post about it in last few days.


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