What you believe you receive…story of my family doctor

This is a real life story of my family doctor.

My family doctor was detected with Cancer when he was in forties [40 years old] of his life.  Doctors told him that only 4 months are left in his life and that its all over.  No medicine can now help.  On hearing this, could you imagine what would have been his reaction?

He was normal.  He did not say anything to doctors but deep down within his heart, he believed he is perfectly healthy and no cancer can enter his body.  He continued his life normally laughing and enjoying and did not bother about medicines or what doctors told him.

You would be surprised, today he is in eighties of his life.  He is more than 80 years old, enjoying his life with family and friends and perfectly healthy.  I would say he looks more young than me.  He is true inspiration who taught me that belief in ourselves is what is important to live life to the fullest.  We met rarely because me and my family are with god’s grace perfectly healthy but whenever till now we have met, he always makes me smile and gives me a sort perfect energy instantly by his personality.  Thank you Azoba [ we call grandfather as “Azoba” pronounced in Marathi] he is like my grandfather:-)))


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