Bingo!!! Universe responded through Cyber Space…

Really Amazing..

It was my dream to have career in cyber security.  I was searching for the right institute for professional qualification in Cyber Security field for past 2 years.  I was and am always fascinated by the cyber space and really wanted to shift my career in auditing to cyber security area but some how was not able to find out which institute and which qualification would be correct.  I really tried hard to search for the institutes at National and International levels but could not decide upon one.  Cyber security and cyber forensics is quite a wide area and interesting too, so it was quite difficult and confusing to decide in which area should I go, which types of positions this field offers and that too its difficult when you have no guidance from your surroundings.  There was no one from cyber field to guide me.  My family, friends and peers supported my choice but could not guide me.  I tried for international course but did not fulfill experience criteria and so again disappointed.  I searched a lot but some how could not go ahead.

Finally, in July 2014, it was really difficult time for me to continue with my present job in auditing due to some issues at work, however tried to stay positive but could not and my frustration came out.  I was at work, I asked Universe [God] to give me a direction.  I asked Universe to tell me whether this is the correct time to go for a professional qualification in cyber security field.  I requested Universe to give me answer in writing somewhere.  I expected my answer from Universe somewhere something written like “Perfect time is now”. 

I was at work desperate for guidance, opened Google on my smart phone and wrote  a question “Is it a right time for starting career in Cyber Security” and pressed Enter and …

Bingo !!!!….Universe responded in below words in bold

“This is the great time to start career in Cyber Security”

This was the first link to a Network security website.  I was like Awww!!!

I was so surprised and so joyful.  Immediately I started to search for institute on internet and first site I saw on search result was from the top institute of my country in forensic science.  I never saw this website during my past searches.  I immediately checked my course and got admission within 7 days and the admission was closed, it was deadline to submit applications.   Ohh! I did it…My dream of career in cyber forensic, cyber security got a push… I am now pursuing my dream qualification along with my present job and going to appear at Semister 1 exam after three months.  Now I am really enjoying my studies and my present job which earlier I did not enjoy much.

It feels great.  Universe is so quick…just ask and it is answered in the most surprising and astonishing way.  More such amazing experiences are on the way of posting to this blog….check out my upcoming posts …any many more interesting stories my life book…


3 thoughts on “Bingo!!! Universe responded through Cyber Space…

  1. Once you started on your road to dream then must stay untouched as you may many path breaker but that’s only a matter of time where you require little more efforts to cross but many a times in life you see many path breakers on road a hilly road and upward journey, you are eager to see what’s there at the end but only patients towards aim will take you to the top of the hill and you will bigger view.
    So if anything goes wrong, ask god to give you strength to face the problem and not the help to resolve issue.
    So all the best for your dream


    1. Hello JD
      Thank you for the wishes..n for comments. You are absolutely correct..god always takes care of us and our dreams but many a times it happens that we tend to lose our patients n strength n we seek some guidance n then it clicks one shot which takes us higher towards our dream. I needed an answer to resolve my dilemma n i got that…u need to ask universe for clear answer and believe me universe is far more clear in all his answers.


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